It’s All About Freedom

The story of The Main Point started the same way as every other entrepreneurial business – to get our freedom.

Freedom from a Job.

I want to decide what I do, the hours I work, and how I get paid.

Freedom of Money.

I know my income potential is limitless. I want to be paid for the value I create, not a salary determined by someone else.

Freedom of Time.

I want to decide when to work and when to take time off.

Freedom of Relationship.

I want to choose who I work with and who I don’t.

Freedom to Follow My Dreams.

I have some ideas and dreams that no one else sees in the same way as I do. There’s something that needs to be fixed; a wrong that needs to be right. I want to build a business around them.

Then, something very strange happened …. as the success and money grew, the freedom went away. The entrepreneur feels like he’s in a bigger trap than when he first started.
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